The Friends with Benefits show is an initiative that showcases people who have received their NSSF benefits and used it to transform their lives. Its main objective is to inspire millions of Ugandans to save whilst teaching them financial literacy skills.

There are 20 contestants competing for your vote to win shs30million shillings. Tune in to the following TV stations every Sunday to watch how they used their NSSF benefits;

Every Sunday on ;
NTV - 5.00p.m
Urban TV - 8.00 p.m
Bukedde TV - 7.30P.M
TV West - 7.00p.m
Repeats on Wednesday, 8.00a.m

Voting for your favorite contestants

  • Type VOTE Surname of the contestant featured during the week E.G VOTE BYARUGABA and send to 8338.
  • OR : visit www.nssfug.org , select Friends with Benefits and follow prompts

About the campaign

Introducing Friends with Benefits - an initiative that searches for people who
receieved their NSSF benefits and used the money to do something that made a
huge difference in their lives or someone else's.

  • Write your story in no more than 100 words
  • Email your story to mystory@friendswithbenefits.ug or simply seal it in an envelope and drop it off at your nearest NSSF branch
  • Your full name
  • Your NSSF number
  • Exact date when you recieved your benefits
  • Willingness to appear appear in media

A panel of judges will choose the top 20 stories before the next stage where Uganda will vote for the top 3 stories.

The top 20 contestants' stories shall be showcased on the Friends With Benefits Show that will be airing on TV.

The general public will then have an opportunity to vote via SMS or online.

1st Prize: 30 Million UGX

2nd Prize: 15 Million UGX

3rd Prize: 10 Million UGX

FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS –Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the Friends with Benefits campaign about?

An initiative that will highlight the value of saving with NSSF through showcasing inspirational stories of beneficiaries that have transformed their lives, their families and their communities by using their NSSF savings .The main objective is to inspire millions of people to save and educate members on how to manage their finances and effectively utilize their benefits to improve their lives.

  1. When does the campaign start?

The campaign started on 30th May 2016 and will go on for the next four months

  1. How does one join the campaign?
    • You must be an NSSF beneficiary and must have used your benefits to improve your life, your family’s lives or transformed your community.
  • Submit a short real and compelling story of 100 words on how your life has been transformed as a result of the benefits received from NSSF to mystory@nssfug.org . Or seal it in an envelope and drop it at any of the NSSF branches countrywide.
  • Relatives and friends can also share stories of beneficiaries they know whose lives have been transformed because they put their benefits to excellent use.
  1. When is the deadline for submission of stories?

Deadline for submission is 30th June, 2016.

  1. What other requirements does one need to participate in the campaign?

We shall require your name, NSSF number, date when you received your savings, how long it took to get your money.

  1. How will winners be selected?
    • A panel of expert judges will evaluate the submissions and the top 20 compelling stories will be verified and aired in a TV show.
    • The public, with the help of the judges, will then vote for the most inspirational story on a weekly basis.
    • The top 3 winners will be crowned at the finale
  1. What rewards will the winners get?
  • The overall winner will receive a cash prize of shs30m.
  • The runners up and 1st runners will receive shs15m and shs10m respectively.
  1. Who is eligible to participate?

All NSSF beneficiaries who received their savings and used the money to do something that has changed their lives, their family, or other people’s lives.

  1. Is the campaign limited to a particular NSSF benefit?

No. Anyone who has received NSSF benefits is eligible to participate. This could be Age Benefit (paid to members who reach retirement age), Withdrawal Benefit (paid to members who are 50 years and out of employment for at least a year), Survivors benefits (paid to dependents or next of kin of a deceased members), Exempted benefits (paid to members who joined government agencies / institutions with alternative pension schemes under existing law and exempted from NSSF contributions), Invalidity benefits ( paid to a member who because of illness or any occurrence that incapacitates them from engaging in gainful employment).

  1. When and on what TV stations will the show be aired?

The show will start airing in September, 2016 on NTV, Urban TV, Bukedde TV and TV West

  1. How do I vote for my favorite contestant?

Voting will be through SMS and our online channels i.e Facebook, twitter and our website www.nssfug.org.

  1. If I write and submit someone else’s story, who qualifies to get the prize money?

The beneficiary qualifies for the money. We shall however have other non-cash rewards for participants.

  1. If I cannot express myself through writing, can I submit my story through a recorded video or message?

Yes. The audio or video should be 2 minutes, maximum.

  1. Are all members who claimed from the inception of the Fund eligible?

Yes, all members are eligible.


General FAQs about Benefits in the Fund

  1. How do I register for membership in NSSF?

Visit your nearest NSSF branch to register for membership. You can also register online through our website www.nssfug.org.

  1. What are the different types of benefits that the Fund offers?
  • Age Benefit; paid on attainment of retirement age of 55 years, and can also be claimed on attaining 50 years, if the member has retired from employment. The objective is to replace income security to the elderly through payment of their savings accumulated over the years during the period they were employed.
  • Survivors Benefit; paid when a contributing member dies before they qualify for any benefit. Spouses and children are the immediate beneficiaries. In case at the time of death the deceased had neither, the next of kin is paid.
  • Exempted Employment; paid to a contributing member who joins employment categories that are exempted i.e. have their social protection schemes that are recognized under the existing law and are exempted from contributing to NSSF .e.g. the army, police, prison, civil service or members of any scheme that has received exemption from the Minister responsible for Social Security.
  • Emigration Grant; paid to a contributing member who has been working in Uganda and is leaving the country permanently. It is paid to both Ugandans and non-Ugandans
  • Withdrawal Benefit; paid to a member who attains the age of 50 years if he or she has not been employed under a contract of service for a period of one year immediately preceding his or her claim.
  • Invalidity Benefit; paid to a contributing member who has lost his/ her earning capacity due to physical or mental incapacitation as will be certified by a medical doctor.
  1. When can I withdraw my savings from the Fund?

A member can withdraw their savings under any of the scenarios described above.

  1. What are the requirements for claiming for benefits?

General requirements include the following;

  • Current passport size photograph.
  • Personal Identification e.g. photocopy of Identity Card, Voters Card, Driving Permit, Passport, Financial Card, National Identity Card
  • Proof of Bank Account details e.g. Bank slip, Bank Statement
  • Present original documents when submitting claim for comparison with copies.
  • You must state the payment centre (NSSF office or bank) nearest and most convenient to you regardless of where you are going to settle after leaving employment.
  • You must ensure that the information you give on the benefit form is the correct one. It should tally with information you gave on the original registration card (Master Card).
  • You must ensure that at the time of registration your age is not either overstated or understated. This should in turn tally with the date of birth at the time of filling the benefit forms
  • The benefit forms must be supported with correct/authentic documents depending on the type of benefit one qualifies for. Any falsification of documents will lead to rejection of the benefit form and may lead to prosecution under the NSSF Act. For example, some of the required documents are: -
    a) Letter          from    your    employer 
    b) Letter          from    LC       authority 
    c) In case of Invalidity Benefit, medical treatment forms and/or a report from a recognized doctor stating the extent of the condition of invalidity.
    d) Certified copy of appointment letter and Posting instruction in case of excepted employment
    e) Letter from relevant embassy in case of Emigration Grant and support your claim.

Other requirements differ according to the type of benefit claimed for.

  1. What is the procedure for claiming benefits?
  • You must have attained the qualifying conditions. 
  • Fill in the relevant forms for a particular benefit once you attain the qualifying conditions and submit to the nearest NSSF branch with relevant requirements.
  1. How do I whistle-blow about an employer who isn’t remitting my contributions?

There’s a whistleblower form on our website www.nssfug.org that should be filled and submitted. After receiving the information, the Fund will then begin investigations into the matter.

  1. How do I check for my savings/ contributions balance?

You can check for your balance using the channels below;

  • Dial using your phone, send an SMS with your NSSF number, date of birth and Name to 6773.
  • Using your phone, Dial *254# and follow the prompts.
  • Call 0800286773 toll free
  • Or download the NSSF Go App on your smart phone.
  • Send an email to statement@nssfug.org having typed Statement in the subject line and NSSF number in the message body.


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Call Toll Free 0800 286 773