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Welcome to the NSSF E-statement feature. In our continued effort to serve NSSF members better, we have enhanced the e-statement feature to make it more user-friendly, quicker and easier and to access your e-statement online.

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Welcome to the NSSF customer query feature. In our continued effort to serve NSSF members better, we have enhanced the e-statement feature to make it more user-friendly, quicker and easier and to access your e-statement online.

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The NSSF covers all employers who have 5 or more employees between 16 and 55 years of age, with the exception of employees under the Government Pensions Act. The NSSF Act requires a registered employer is required to pay contributions to the Fund for his\her employees every month during which he/she pays salaries.

The NSSF Act also provides for voluntary membership for employers with less than 5 employees.

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NSSF collects members' contributions and invests them judiciously, and pays commensurate benefits to qualifying members. The money collected is maintained on individual member accounts, invested and earns an annual interest depending on our return on investments.

NSSF's Investment Policy provides for clear guidelines on investments. The Board and Management are mandated by the NSSF Act to invest the money on behalf of the NSSF members. Currently, NSSF has various investment interests in real estate, equities, and fixed income. The benefit for the member is that the member is assured of secure retirement.

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NSSF administers and pays qualified contributing persons the following benefits;
Exempted Employment
Emigration Grant

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Contact info

  • Plot 1 Pilkington Road,
    Workers House, 14th Floor

  • P.O Box 7140, Kampala, Uganda
  • Email: customerservice@nssfug.org
  • Phone: +256 417 331755
  • Toll free: 0800 286 773
  • Website: www.nssfug.org

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Branch Directory

AruaFort PortalGuluHoimaJinjaKabaleKampalaLiraLugaziMasakaMasindiMbaleMbararaMukonoSoroti

Plot 59 Weatherhead Parklane
P. O. Box 418 Arua
Tel: 0476 20215/ 0417-332100

Fort Portal

Plot 1 Malibo Road
Tel: 0417-332182



Plot 23, Andrea Olal
P. O. Box 730 Gulu
Tel: 0471 432107/ 0417-332125


Plot 33 Lusaka 
Hoima, Kampala road next to Messiah Clinic



Plot 2 Main Street
Post Office Building
P. O. Box 877 Jinja
Tel: 0434 212586/ 0417-331850


Plot 91-95 Mbarara Rd.
P. O. Box 203 Kabale
Tel: 04864 22176/ 0417-332300

City Branch   Kireka   Entebbe

City Branch Plot 1, Pilkington Road, Workers House, 1st Floor.Tel;  0417331600, 0417 331608

  Plot No. 108 along Jinja Road, within Kireka Trading Centre  Opp. Namugongo Road Junction.
Tel; 0417-331830/29/28 0417 331826
  Plot 95, Kampala road-Entebbe, Katabi:opp Total Fuel station
Tel; 0414-200142/169/ 0417-331775
Bakuli   Bugolobi   Kawempe
Plot 341, Hoima Road
Opposite Gapco Petrol Station
Tel; 0414-346166/9/ 0417-331800
  Plot 20-24 , Spring road
Bugolobi, next to Roma Furnishings
Tel; 0417-331700
  Plot 157 Bombo Road
After Kawempe Police Station
Tel; 0414-344671/ 568720/ 0417-331725



Plot 43, Bazar Road, Lira
P. O. Box 406 Lira
Tel: 04734 20104/ 0417-332075



Plot 102B Jinja- Kampala Road
Tel: 0417-331-904



Plot 21 Edward Avenue
P. O. Box 1290 Masaka
Tel: 04814 20449/ 0417-332325


Plot 17/19 Masindi Port Road.opp.Masindi Court
P. O. Box 199 Masindi
Tel: 04654 20055/ 0417-332050



Plot 31, Naboa Road.
P. O. Box 1574 Mbale
Tel: 04544 33347/ 0417-331950



Plot 7/9,Mbarara High Street, Next to Bank of Baroda
P. O. Box 719 Mbarara
Tel: 04854 20114/ 0417-332250



Plot 3A,Bishop Turcker Road, Mukono , 
Central Business Area
Tel: 0417-331-900



Plot 58A, Main Street,Gweri Road, 
Gweri Road, Soroti Municipality
Tel: 0454 61390/ 0417-331975


Head Office: 14th Floor Workers House, Plot 1, Pilkington Road. P.O. Box 7140 Kampala
Tel; 0417 331000/77/888 Email: customerservice@nssfug.org