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The NSSF covers all employers who have 5 or more employees between 16 and 55 years of age, with the exception of employees under the Government Pensions Act. The NSSF Act requires a registered employer is required to pay contributions to the Fund for his\her employees every month during which he/she pays salaries.

The NSSF Act also provides for voluntary membership for employers with less than 5 employees.

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NSSF collects members' contributions and invests them judiciously, and pays commensurate benefits to qualifying members. The money collected is maintained on individual member accounts, invested and earns an annual interest depending on our return on investments.

NSSF's Investment Policy provides for clear guidelines on investments. The Board and Management are mandated by the NSSF Act to invest the money on behalf of the NSSF members. Currently, NSSF has various investment interests in real estate, equities, and fixed income. The benefit for the member is that the member is assured of secure retirement.

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NSSF administers and pays qualified contributing persons the following benefits;
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NSSF wins court case against Alcon, saves UGX 60b

NSSF has won a 14 year old case against Alcon after Supreme Court set aside the arbitration award to Alcon worth approximately UGX. 60 billion, including costs and expenses.

Supreme Court has sustained our grounds that:

·         Alcon Uganda which sued and obtained the award had no right to the award because they were never party to this contract in this case and are therefore not entitled to any claims whatsoever.

·         That Alcon Kenya fraudulently won the contract through a series of name swapping and then went to assign the same to Alcon Uganda without the express written permission of NSSF. The Supreme Court judges held that the arbitral award was given on the basis of fraudulent information and therefore was contrary to the laws of Uganda. Accordingly, the award of $8.8m with 6 % interest is disallowed.

·         That the Commercial court rushed the case for arbitration amidst protests by NSSF, before NSSF could submit its case. This ground has since been strengthened by the fact that it was later discovered that actually Alcon Uganda procured the contract fraudulently and was never party to this suit.


Below is the Fund's statement about the court judgment 


On behalf of the NSSF Members, I wish to applaud the judiciary for bringing this first chapter of this case to a successful end.

We were confident that we had a solid case, with the new arguments we presented to the Supreme Court. We are glad that justice has prevailed.


Today’s judgment reaffirms public confidence in the administration of justice in Uganda.


Impact of judgment on the Fund

We are glad to inform NSSF contributors that following judgment of the Supreme Court;

·         We have saved UGX 60 billion, which translates into 2% interest to each saver.

·         The case filed by Alcon in the East African Court of Justice seeking to cash a bank guarantee that we had issued in favour of Alcon now collapses

·         Liberalisation: as we position ourselves for liberlisation of the pension sector, this victory is yet another milestone that enhances the confidence of our members in the Fund, in addition to other significant litigation that we have already won.

·         This milestone also reaffirms the renewed promise we recently made to our members upon rebranding – that we will zealously fight to preserve workers’ savings.




Background to the case

On 21st July 1994 NSSF entered into a contract with M/s Alcon International Ltd, of Enterprise Road, Industrial Area, P. O. Box 47160 Nairobi, Kenya, for the erection of Workers House, which was then a partially constructed structure.


Later on, following breach of contract, the Fund terminated the building contract.


In May 1998, Alcon International Uganda Ltd sued the Fund and the dispute was referred to arbitration. After a lengthy arbitration that lasted from 1999 to 2001, retired Justice E. Torgbor awarded Alcon US $8,858,469 with interest at 6% per annum.


On 30th September 2003, NSSF appealed the award in the High Court, but Justice Arach Amoko dismissed NSSF’s appeal with costs.


NSSF was dissatisfied with the ruling in the Court of Appeal and engaged a new legal team to prosecute an appeal in the Supreme Court.


The Fund presented new arguments to the effect that Alcon International Ltd, incorporated in Uganda was not the company with whom NSSF signed a contract. The company therefore had no cause of action against the Fund.


Although it had no construction experience, Alcon had fraudulently won the tender for construction of Workers House by falsely holding out as a Kenyan company with experience.



I would like to acknowledge;

·         The Hon. Minister of Finance, Planning and Economic Development, who played a key role in our effort to prosecute this case

·         Workers union leaders and Federation of Uganda Employers (FUE), who offered us their support

·         The media – for reporting this story and putting our case in the court of public opinion


I would like to acknowledge the support we received from the Attorney General’s chambers, Sebalu and Lule Advocates and our internal legal team.



Richard Byarugaba